Saturday, December 15, 2012

Freebie Frenzy!!!

Tonight's Shaw's trip was full of freebies and overage...I love it!!!  I also love the little cutie in this picture.  This is Lucas, my four and a half year old son.  He is almost alway with me on my shopping trips, and love to help mommy take the picture of our food to show everyone.  He is the joy of my life, and at a time like this, I just had to show you one of the little guys who are the reason why I work so hard to save money on groceries.  

Before we get into the deals I did get, I have to say I am so bummed we didn't get the WOW deals...again!  I had big plans for cheap Oreos and pasta sauce plus a free pie, but not so much here in Maine!  With that said, I did still get some great deals!

6 Pepsi X 2-Liter Bottles
Regularly $1.79
On sale for $1.00
There were coupons for $.75/1 hanging from the bottles and a sign saying "free with coupon, no limit" so they were even allowing more than the usual limit of four coupons to double.  Why???  They expire in two weeks, but hubby doesn't care, so neither do I!
Four of the coupons doubled to a full $1.50, so I got six for free plus $2.00 overage!

4 Diet Pepsi 2-Liter Bottles
Regularly $1.79
On Sale for $ coupons, just my addiction!

8 Assorted 2-Liter Bottles of Soda
4 A&W Root Beer, Regularly $1.69, Sale Price $1.25
2 Orange Crush, Regularly $1.79, Sale Price $1.00
2 Sun Drop, Regularly $1.49, Sale Price $1.25
I had 4 hang-tag coupons I found a couple of months ago for $1 off two
Final Price $5.50

4 Freschetta Pizzas
Regularly $6.95
Sale Price $4.99
Used 4 $.75/1 Printable Coupons (NLA), doubled
Final Price $3.49 each, $13.96 for all four

Frito Lay Chips
Regularly $4.29 for the Lay's and $3.99 for the Tostito's
On Sale BOGO
Final Price $8.28 for all four, average of only $2.07 each...a luxury in our house!

4 Frosted Mini Wheats Cereals
Regularly $4.29 each (crazy!!!)
Sale Price $2.50 each
Used 4 $.70/1 Mini Wheats Coupons, doubled
Final Price $1.10 each, only $4.40 for all four boxes, basically the regular price for one!

4 Mueller's Pastas
Regularly $1.29
Sale Price $.88
Used 4 $.55/1 Mueller's Pasta Coupons, doubled* to the full $1.10
Final Price FREE plus $.88 OVERAGE!!!!!!! 

4 Back to Nature Mac 'n Cheese
Regularly $2.49
Sale Price $1.50
Used 4 $.75/1 BTN Dinner Coupons, doubled (use zip code 75024)
Final Price FREE!!!!!!

2 Wheat Thins BIG Crackers
Regularly $3.29
Sale Price $1.99
Used 2 $1/1 BIG Wheat Thins Coupons (Facebook)
Final Price $1.98, only $.99 each!

3 Nabisco Crackers 
Triscuits Regularly $3.29
Ritz Regularly $3.29
Cheese Nips Regularly $2.19
Sale Price $1.99
Used B2G1 Coupon (NLA)
Final Price $3.98 for all three, only $1.33 each!!!

4 Philadelphia Cream Cheese 8oz Blocks
Priced at $2.99 each
On Sale Buy One Get One Free
Plus $1.00 Instant savings WYB 4
Final Price $4.98 for all four, only $1.24 each!

2 Smart Balance Butter Blends for Cooking
Regularly $2.79 each
Sale Price 2/$4
Used BOGO for any Smart Balance Product (I printed this about six months ago and missed out on a BOGO stack opportunity due to lack of stock.  I'm glad I held on to it!)
Final Price $2 for both!

Essential Everyday Dressing $2.19 and Ketchup $1.49
Used $1 off $3 of EE Products coupon (from recent insert, expired today)
Final Price $2.68

2 Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips
Regularly $3.19
Sale Price $2.00
Used $.50/2 Nestle Toll House Baking Chips Coupon, doubled
Final Price $3.00 for both

2 Earthbound Organic Carrots
Priced at $1.19 each
Used 2 $.55/1 Earthbound Farm Organic Product Coupons, doubled* to the item price
Final Price FREE!!!!!!

2 Fiber One Breads
Priced at $4.29 each
On Sale Buy One Get One Free
Used 2 $.55/1 Fiber One Bread Coupons, doubled
Final Price $2.09 for both!

Full Retail Value $161.47
After Sales and Coupons, my total was $53.97
I used a $4 off $25 or more coupon from the Shaw's Email Savings Program
Final Cost $49.97, that's a savings of $111.50 or 69%!!!!  

*Disclaimer: This coupon says "May Not Be Doubled" so the store has every right to reverse it.  Also, different Shaw's locations have different computer software which may or may not limit the doubling to the sale price. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Say Cheeeeeeese!!!

The deals are starting to get better at Shaw's, and that means I can't help myself but share with you all.  I know I haven't been good about doing this lately, which makes me sad :-( so here we go!

First of all, make sure you join the Shaw's Email Savings Club for $4 off a purchase of $25 or more.  This is especially handy to have this week as there are several items which require a $25 minimum purchase for the best deal.  You will see that I have a couple of these, so I will list both the standard sale price and the additional reduction with a qualifying total purchase.

2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Regularly $3.19, Sale Price $1.99 or $1.77 w/ $25 
Used 2 $1/1 Ocean Spray Coupons
Final Price $1.76 for both, $.88 each

Maxwell House Coffee, Regularly $11.49, Sale Price $7.49 or $5.99 w/ $25
Use $1/1 Maxwell House Coffee Coupon
Final Price $4.99

Mrs. Smith's Frozen Pie, Regularly $5.99, Sale Price $2.50 or $1.99 w/ $25
Used $1/1 Mrs. Smith's Frozen Dessert Coupon
Final Price $.99!!!!!!

2 Morton Sea Salt, Regularly $2.39, Sale Price $1.79
Used 2 $.75/1 Morton Salt Coupons, doubled
Final Price $.58, only $.29 each!!!

2 All Laundry Detergents, Regularly $5.99, Sale Price $3.99
Used 2 $1/1 All Laundry Detergent Coupons
Final Price $5.98, only $2.99 each

2 Tribe Hummus, Regularly $2.99, Sale Price $1.99
Used 2 $1/1 Tribe Hummus Coupons (Facebook)
AND both had $1 Manager's Special Coupons on them
So...they were FREE plus $.02 overage!!!!!!

Muir Glenn Tomato Paste, $1.19
Used 2 $.50/1 and 2 $.60/1 Muir Glenn Product Coupons, doubled
Final Price $.36, only $.09 each!

4 Cabot Cream Cheeses, Regularly $2.39, Sale Price $2.00
Used 4 $1/1 Cabot Product Coupons (sign up for their eNewsletter)
Final Price $4.00, only $1.00 each

6 Cabot Cheeses, Regularly $3.49, Sale Price $2.00 
Used 6 $1/1 Cabot Product Coupons
Final Price $6.00, only $1 each for CHEESE!!!!!!!!
Plus, I have a $1.50 back on three coupon loaded to my SavingStar account!!!

Full Retail Value $75.88
I also used a $4 off $25 Email Savings Club Coupon
Total after coupons and SavingStar cash back $19.14
That's a savings of 75%!!!!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Soda = Happy Husband!

My husband has been begging me to get him soda for the last couple of weeks.  I got him all stocked up only a month ago but he needed more!  Well, he's in luck and so are the kids with this week's haul!

6 Coke Products, Regularly $1.69 each
On Sale Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Plus I used a $1/3 coupon hanging from the neck of the bottles (check your store!)
Final Price $4.76 for all 6, only $.79 each!!!

4 Minute Maid Juices, Regularly $3.49 each
On Sale 2/$6
I used 4 $.75/1 coupons (NLA), doubled
*I tried to print this $.85/1 but wasn't able to...give it a shot!
Final Price $6.00, only $1.50 each
I plan on trying the higher value coupon again, I think I need to download their software, but I was printing coupons for this trip with my 16 month old in the room...not really the time for troubleshooting!

4 Oscar Mayer 2 ounce Cold Cuts, Regularly $1.59 each
Sale Price $1.00
Used 2 $.50/2 OM 2 ounce cold cuts, doubled
Final Price $2 for all four!

6 Nabisco Toasted Chips, Regularly $3.69 each
On Sale Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Used 2 $1/2 Ritz or Wheat Thins Toasted Chips Coupons
Final Price $12.76 for all 6, only $2.13 each

2 Yoplait Simplait Yogurts, Regularly $1.00 each
Sale Price $.60
Used 2 $.30/1 Yoplait Simplait Coupons, doubled
Both were FREE!!!

De Wafelbakker Frozen Pancakes, $3.99
I used a coupon from the manufacturer for a free pancake product I qualified for on their Facebook page a few weeks ago, so these were FREE!

4 General Mills Cereals, Cocoa Puffs and Honey Nut Cheerios
Regular Price of $3.49 each
Used 2 $.50/1 HN Cheerios Coupons, doubled
And 2 $.50/1 Cocoa Puffs Coupons, doubled
Plus I activated the $.50 coupons for HN Cheerios and Cocoa Puffs on Savingstar
Instant savings of $6.00 WYB 4 Participating GM Cereals
Final Price $2.96 for all four, only $.74 a box!!!

Full Retail Value $72.55
I also had a coupon for 5% off my total purchase for a savings of $2.10
Plus, I used the $5 Catalina my husband earned earlier this week
My Final Cost $21.38, a savings of 71%
To make the deal even sweeter, I had $11.64 on an Amex Gift Card so my OOP was only $9.74!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream for Cheap Ice Cream!

I was SHOCKED to find that Windham was all stocked up on Breyer's this afternoon!  I guess I didn't need to hide those two behind the pancakes last night...but it helped me sleep better and get to the store on my own schedule.  Here we go...

2 Breyer's Blasts Ice Creams
Regularly $5.49
On sale this week for $2.49
Daily Deal today only for $1.88
Used 2 $.75/1 Breyer's Blasts, doubled
Final Price $.76, only $.38 each!!!

4 Green Giant Seasoned Steamers
Regularly $2.99 
Sale Price $2.00 
Used 4 $.75/1 Green Giant Seasoned Steamers, doubled
I also activated the $.75/1 Green Giant Seasoned Steamers coupon on SavingStar (NLA)
Final Price $1.25 for all four, only $.31 each!

4 Gerber Graduates Pouches
Priced at $1.59 each
Used 4 $.75/1 Gerber Graduates Pouches, doubled
Final Price $.36 for all four

4 Cabot Cheese Products (one shredded, one block and two cream cheeses)
Shredded and Block Regularly $3.49 
Sale Price $2.50 each
Cream Cheese Regularly $2.49
Sale Price $2.00 each
Used 4 $1/1 Cabot Creamery Product (sign up, coupon will be sent by email)
Final Price $5.00 for all four

1 Shopper's Choice Chicken Nuggets (not in picture)
Priced at $3.29
Used my $3 off any frozen food purchase coupon received in the mail 
Final Price $.29

Total Retail Value $44.55
Total after store discounts and coupons $7.66
I used my $5 off any purchase of $5 coupon I found on my way out the door last night
Final Cost $2.66
That's a savings of 94%!!!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It Was a Freebie-Fest Tonight at Shaw's!!!

There weren't too many deals at Shaw's this week that really got me excited, then again we've been quite spoiled the last couple of weeks!  I used the last of my Kraft Catalinas to get some pretty awesome deals though!

8 Jose Ole Chimichangas, Regularly $1.39
Sale Price $1.00
Used 8 $1/1 Jose Ole Product Coupons (thank you Darlene, you rock!)

2 Maruchan Yakisoba Noodles, $.99 each
Used 2 $.50/1 Yakisoba Noodles from the 8/26 SS, doubled

4 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, Regularly $1.99
Sale Price $1.00
Used 4 $.50/1 Green Giant Frozen Vegetable Coupons, doubled

4 YoCrunch Yogurts, Regularly $.79
Sale Price $.60
Used 4 $.25/1 YoCrunch Coupons, doubled
Final Price $.40, only $.10 each!

2 Cabot Cream Cheeses, Regularly $2.39
Sale Price 2/$4
Used $1/2 Cabot Creamery Products Coupon
Final Price $3 for both

Frigo String Cheese, BOGO at $4.99 each
I had a $1/1 from when I ordered a free lunch bag a few months ago
As well as a $.40/1 Frigo String Cheese Printable Coupon, doubled (NLA)
Final Price $3.19 for both

Shopper's Value Milk $3.95
If you're in a participating state, the Shaw's Milk Loyalty Program is bummed Maine won't allow it :-(  In fact, I see no reason why they can't, it's not brand specific, and we all earned a while back that the Maine milk law allows for generic milk coupons valid for any brand!

Baby Basics Diapers, Regularly $22.99
Reduced to $12.50 because the box is busted...SCORE!

Full Retail Value $65.92
Total After Coupons $23.04
I also used $12 in Catalinas from last week bringing my total to $11.04!!!
That's a savings of 83%, including diapers, WOO HOO!!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Keeping the Kraft Catalina Rolling!!!

I have to admit, I walked into Shaw's today with no exact plan as to what my second go 'round with the Kraft Catalina deal would consist of.  Well, sometimes the best laid plans are the ones that aren't planned at all!  

2 Oscar Mayer Selects Cold Cuts, Regularly $4.79
Sale Price 2/$7
Each one had a Manager's Special sticker for $2 off
Final Price $5 for both

4 Kraft Homestyle Mayos, Regularly $4.55
Sale Price $2.99
PLUS, each one had a $.55/1 coupon attached to encourage you to try the new product, and they doubled!!!
Final Price $7.56, only $1.89 each

2 Kraft Shredded Cheeses, Regularly $3.59 each
Sale Price $2.79

2 Kraft American Singles, Regularly $3.69 
Sale Price $1.79

8 Chi-Chi's Tortillas, Regularly $2.39
On Sale BOGO
I used 4 $1/2 Chi-Chi's Products Coupons (Facebook Offer)
Final Price $5.56 for all 8...and I just finished off the last of what I had from the last BOGO sale!

Full Retail Value $61.46
After Coupons and store savings, including the $5 Instant Savings WYB 10 participating Kraft Products, my total was $22.28
I used $15 in Catalinas from yesterday's trip for a total OOP of $7.28, a savings of 88%

Plus, I earned another $12 in Catalinas.  I expected the $10 Kraft, but as a bonus I got an additional $2 specific to the Mayo!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Catalinas and Crackers and Coke, Oh My!

I was determined to take advantage of the Kraft/Crystal Light double dip Catalina deal one more time, and I made it happen!  Since I knew Windham was all out of Crystal Light, it was off to Westbrook for this Coupons Maineiac and her family!  It was SOOOOOOO worth it!

Kraft Instant Savings/Catalina Deals:

4 Crystal Light Regularly $2.79
Sale Price $1.99 each
Final Price $7.96 for four

Kraft Mayo Regularly $4.79 (insane!)
Sale Price $2.99
I had a $1/1 Kraft Mayo coupon from the Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway
Final Price $1.99

2 Kraft American Singles Regularly $3.79
Sale Price $1.79
I had one $.50/1 Kraft Singles coupon from the Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway
Final Price $3.08 for two

Oscar Mayer Jumbo Wieners Regularly $3.79
Sale Price $2
I had a $.50/1 OM Hot Dogs coupon from the Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway
Final Price $1.50

2 Oscar Mayer Selects Cold Cuts Regularly $4.79
Sale Price 2/$7
Each had a Manager's Special coupon attached for $1 off
Plus I had 2 $1/1 OM Cold Cuts Coupons (NLA, check your binders!)
Final Price $3 for two

Retail value of all 10 items $36.90
Total after coupons $17.53
After $5 instant savings WYB 10 participating items $12.53
Plus, I earned a $10 Catalina from Kraft and a $3 Catalina from Crystal Light!!!

Now for the rest!

2 Old El Paso Refried Beans Regularly $1.59
Sale Price $1.29
1 Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce Regularly $1.69
Sale Price $1.29
Used 3 $.50/1 Old El Paso Product Coupons, doubled (use zip code 77477)
Final Price $.87 for all 3 
Plus, by purchasing three participating items, I earned $1 off any meat purchase

Boneless Chicken Breast 1.97 lb @4.29/lb, $8.45
Manager's Special Coupon on the package for $3 off
Plus $1 savings from Old El Paso items
Final Price $4.45

4 Fiber One Chewy Bars Regularly $3.79
Sale Price $2.50 each
Used 4 $.50/1 Fiber One Chewy Bars Coupons, doubled
Plus, $1 instant savings WYB 2, earned twice for $2 off
Final Price $4, only $1 each, plus I earned a $2 Catalina!!!

9 2 Liter Coke Products, Regularly $1.69 each
B2G1 Sale
Used 3 $1/3 Coke Product 2 Liters hanging from bottles
Final Price $7.14, only $.79 each!

4 Pepsi/Mountain Dew 24oz 6-packs Regularly $5.49 each
Sale Price 4/$9
I had a coupon for a free Mountain Dew 6-pack WYB 2 Pepsi 6-packs
Final Price $6.75, only $.28 per bottle...why I ever pay $1.50 for a bottle of soda, I don't know!

9 Nabisco Crackers Regularly $3.29 each
Sale Price $2.50, or $1.99 WYB in increments of 4
Used 3 B2G1 Nabisco Cracker Coupons
Plus, 4 $1/2 Nabisco Cracker Coupons
Since I didn't buy in increments of 4, one box was $2.50
The Freebie coupons took $2.50 off for each 
Final Price $6.92, only $.77 each!!!

Shopper's Value Milk $3.95
I used my last (tear) free milk coupon from the GM promotion a couple of weeks ago

2 Cabot Cream Cheese Regularly $2.39
Sale Price 2/$4
Used $1/2 Cabot Products Coupon
Final Price $3 for both

Shaw's Butter Quarters $2.79
I had a $.50/1 Shaw's Butter coupon from the Sizzlin' Summer Giveaway
Final Price $2.29

Shaw's Hot Dog Buns, Regularly $1.99 each
Sale B2G1
Final Price $3.98 for three

A couple of items needed for a 7 Layer Mexican Dip for a party tonight:

Head of Iceberg Lettuce $1.49, way cheaper than the $2.29 for a bag of pre-shredded lettuce.  It's totally worth it to chop it myself!

Roma Tomatoes, Regularly $2.49/lb
Sale Price $.99/lb
I paid $.50 for two

Full Retail Value $152.39
My total was $53.92, minus a $5/$50 Recyclebank Coupon
Final Cost $48.92, a savings of 68%, plus I earned $15 in Catalinas!!!
I am going to keep this one rolling all week long!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Shaw's Email Savings $2 off $25 Coupon!

Do you belong to the Shaw's email club?  Even if you do, you can enter your email address again HERE to get a $2 off $25 coupon!  Plus, refer friends by email for additional coupons! I like to use general coupons like this as if they are $2 off milk, cheese, or produce...basically items that are less likely to have coupons of their own!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kraft and Crystal Light Catalina Breakdown

Ask and ye shall receive...thanks to follower Heather for asking about details on the Crystal Light and Kraft Catalinas I took advantage of during yesterday's shopping trip.
Crystal Light Catalina (8/6 – 9/2/12)
  • buy 2, get $1
  • buy 3, get $2
  • buy 4+, get $3
Kraft Catalina (8/19-9/15)
  • Buy 3-5 products, get $2
  • Buy 6-9 products, get $5
  • Buy 10+ products, get $10
The full list of included products are:

    • Crystal Light Canister 8qt+
    • Crystal Light On The Go 7ct+
    • Gevalia 12oz+
    • Kraft Deluxe Mac and Cheese 14oz+
    • Kraft Dressings 16oz+
    • Kraft Shreds 8oz+
    • Kraft Singles 12oz+
    • Maxwell House 1-3 lb, 10.5oz+
    • Mayo/Miracle Whip 12oz+
    • MiO 1.08oz+
    • Oscam Mayer Deli Fresh 7oz+
    • Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 16oz+
    • Oscar Mayer Lunchables Fun Pack 4.8oz+
    • Oscar Mayer Bologna 12oz+
    • Oscar Mayer Completes 11.4oz+
    • Oscar Mayer Lunchables with fruit 6.7oz+
    • Planters Peanuts 16oz+
    • Planters NUT-rition 8.75oz+
    • Velveeta Loaf 2lb
    • Velveeta Shells and Cheese 12oz+

This One Definitely Had Me Doing My Happy Dance!!!

Yes, that's right, I dance in public.  But you would too if you scored these sweet deals at Shaw's!  You still have plenty of time to do just that, and the best part is ALL of the coupons I used were internet printables, so you can do this even if you aren't a newspaper insert collector!

First, make sure you have plenty of ink in your printer, then head here and start printing!!!  What you'll need for these particular deals is the $.85/3 Betty Crocker baking items, $.60/1 Honey Nut Cheerios, $.85/1 Cascadian Farm Product, $.60/1 Chex Mix and $.85/3 Totino's Pizza Rolls.  There are MANY others including the Yoplait Kids Yogurt, Yoplait Smoothies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch which are amazing deals this week.  I just happened to have saved those for another trip ;-)

I will give you the rest of the links as we go!

I did have two transactions, not to circumvent any coupon policies, and not because of any concern with multiple GM deals discounting correctly, it was all about the Catalinas!

Transaction #1:

4 Crystal Light On the Go
Regularly $2.99
On Sale for $1.99 each

4 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs
Regularly $3.79 each
On Sale for $1.99 each
I used 2 $1/2 OM Hot Dogs Coupons
Final Price $1.49 each

2 Kraft American Singles
Regularly $4.79 each (which is insane compared to the store brand)
On Sale for $3.69...a little bit better
I used 2 $1/1 Kraft Singles Coupons
Final Price $2.69 each

Total before sales and coupons $36.70
I Paid $19.30, plus I earned $13.00 in Catalinas; $10 for buying 10 items participating in the Kraft Catalina, plus Crystal Light is running it's own Catalina deal right now!  That's a savings of 47% just based on what I spent, since it's my philosophy that you don't count the Catalina until you use it, that's when it saves you money!

Now for the major deals!!!

Transaction #2:

GM Items:

8 Chex Mix
Regularly $2.99
On Sale for $1.99
Used 4 $.60/1 and 4 $.50/1 coupons, doubled
Plus $.50 SavingStar Credit
Final Price $6.62

4 Betty Crocker Cake Mix
Regularly $1.89
On Sale for $1.49
Used 2 $.85/2 BC Baking Items, doubled
Plus $.75 SavingStar Credit
Final Price $1.81

4 Betty Crocker Frostings 
Regularly $1.99

On Sale for $1.49
Used 2 $.85/2 BC Baking Items, doubled
Final Price $2.56

4 Honey Nut Cheerios
Regularly $3.49
On Sale for $2.49
Used 4 $.60/1 HN Cheerios, doubled
Final Price $5.16

4 Cascadian Farms Organic Cereals
Regularly $4.49
On Sale for $2.99
Used 4 $.85/1, doubled
Final Price $5.16

6 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Regularly $2.99
On Sale for $1.99
Used 2 $.75/3 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, doubled
Plus $.75 SavingStar Credit
Final Price $8.19

6 Totino's Pizza Rolls
Regularly $2.19
On Sale for $1.49
Used 2 $.85/3, doubled
Plus $.75 SavingStar Credit
Final Price $4.79

4 Progresso Recipe Starters
Regularly $2.59
On Sale for $1.49
Used 4 $.50/1 found HERE or HERE, doubled
Final Price $1.96

Total Before Sales and Coupons $112.80
Sales and Coupons brought that down to $31.09
Minus the $20 instant savings for buying 40 participating items
I paid only $11.09 for everything!

Now for the rest of my deals...

4 Mueller's Pasta
Regularly $1.29
Sale Price $1
Used 4 $.55/1 Coupons, doubled (the software is now smart enough to double only to the sale price, not the full price so no overage)

4 Donuts from the Bakery
$.79 each
I had 4 coupons from the Sizzlin' Summer game for a free donut or bagel

Gallon of Milk $3.75
I used a Free Milk OYNO from last week (I earned four in all during the course of the week)

2 Earthbound Farm Organic Carrots
$1.19 each
Used 2 $.75/1 EB Farm Organic Product, doubled to the price of the item

4 Lay's Potato Chips, BOGO
Regularly $4.29 each
Used 1 $3/2 Lays and 2 $1/1 Lays Coupons (these were going fast so they may be gone)
Final Price $3.58

Drumroll Please...

Full Retail Value for Transaction #2 $144.41
After Sales, Coupons and GM Instant Savings $14.67
I used my $13 in Catalinas from the previous transaction and paid only $1.67!!!!

My total OOP for the day was $20.97, an overall savings of 90%!!!!