Saturday, May 26, 2012

BBQ On a Budget!

First of all, I will agree that my picture was taken at the wrong angle.  Let's just say, if I stood further to the left you could see one of the many messes around my house, and it was easier to move myself than the mess!  

Okay, here are today's deals:

8 2-Liter Bottles of Crush Soda, B2G2 
Used 4 B1G1 Crush Printable Coupons (NLA)
All 8 were FREE!!!!!
*This coupon came out about two months ago, and I held on to mine waiting for just this sale!

4 other Pepsi Products B2G2 at $1.79 each
Final Price $3.58, only $.89 each...remember, anything under $1 is a stock-up price for me!

8 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers B1G1 at $2.39 each
Final Price $9.56, only $1.20 each
This is another stock-up price for me, since Hannaford carries them for $2 each so I know this is the lowest price I will pay, and my son LOVES them!

2 Lawry's Marinades at $1 each
Used 2 $.50/1 Lawry's Marinade Coupons, doubled
Both were FREE

Country Time Lemonade, one Yellow and one Pink $1.99 each
Used 2 $2/1 Country Time Coupons (they were on Facebook yesterday, NLA)
Free plus $.02 overage!

French's Yellow Mustard, 20oz 2/$3 
Used $1/2 French's Yellow Mustard from the 5/13 SS
Final Price $2 for both

Essential Everyday Ketchup $1.49
Used $1/1 Essential Everyday Coupon from the Sizzlin' Summer Coupon Book
Final Price $.49...sort of
As with all Shaw's store coupons, the computer showed a Logix Promotion for a zero amount, and the cashier paused for a moment.  I said that it probably jumped up to the item and took the $1 off up there.  She said it probably didn't and manually took $1 off.  When I got home I noticed that it in fact did take the $1 off on it's own, so I made $.51 on the Ketchup!

2 Cain's Relish at $1 each
Used $1/2 Cain's Products Coupon
Paid $1 for both!
If you do grab this coupon, you will notice that it doesn't feed through bricks or any other coupon server, however it does recognize your IP address and allows one print every 30 days.  The expiration date is 12/31/12, so print a number of copies or save it to your desktop until you need more!

Frank's Red Hot Sauce $2
Used $.75/1 Frank's Red Hot Sauce from the 5/13 SS
Final Price $.50

Land O Lakes American Cheese $4.99/lb
I got just over a pound for $5.14
Used $1 off one pound of LOL Cheese from the 5/13 SS
Final Price $4.14

Corn on the Cob 12 for $1.99 (weekend special, through Monday only)

Earthbound Organic Iceberg Lettuce $1.39
Used $.75/1 Earthbound Organic Product, doubled
Free, plus $.11 overage!

2-Pound bag of Earthbound Organic Peeled Carrots $3.49
Used $.75/1 Earthbound Organic Product, doubled
Final Price $1.99

I found two items in reduced produce, Farm Stand Tomatoes for $.50 and an orange pepper for $.49...these will go with the carrots as well as a cucumber and celery for a great veggie tray.  I also got some Shaw's Vegetable Dip for $1.79, so the complete appetizer for tomorrow's BBQ will cost only $7.25!

One random find was Gerber Baby Food in reduced grocery for $.30 each
I also had a coupon for $.75/6 Gerber Jars (received from the manufacturer)
I grabbed all 9 jars because it's a great deal with or without a coupon for a total of $2.70
The coupon doubled for an additional savings of $1.50
Final Price $1.20, only $.13 each!!!!!!

There are a few things I didn't include in the picture.  We also got Hamburger Meat, Hot Dogs, buns for both, tomatoes and onions for an additional $26.26.

This brought my total above $50 so I was able to use a $5 off $50 Recyclebank Coupon.  If you've never used Recyclebank before, here is some basic information for you!

I Paid $55.44 for everything, a savings of 60%
Not too bad considering all of the things we needed and didn't have coupons for!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shaw's Baby Savings Deal

I just checked the Catalina prints from my trip to Shaw's this week and actually found an interesting one!  If you spend $25 on baby products at Shaw's between 5/20 and 7/7, you will earn $5 towards a future baby purchase.  The best part is that unlike most store deals, the total can be accumulated in separate shopping trips!  

I would suggest holding on to your receipts every time you buy baby products during this promotion just in case the coupon doesn't print...these things do happen, but luckily Shaw's is always great about making it right!

Happy Saving!

Coupons Are Mother of Invention...Well, of This Recipe At Least!

I have to say, other than saving a boat-load of cash, trying new foods has to be the best part of being a couponer!  I have shared other recipes in the past including Chicken a la Coupons and my son's favorite weekend breakfast.  Tonight was another night of inspiration!

I started with some al fresco Chicken Sausage, the Roasted Pepper Asiago flavor.  I got this at Shaw's a few weeks ago:

Sale Price $3.99
Used $1/1 al fresco Chicken Sausage from 5/6 SS
This happened to be on sale during the recent Dollar Doubler week, so I used one of those
Final Price $1.99

I sliced the sausage into bite-sized pieces and browned.  I added a little diced garlic, which I have to admit I use in just about every recipe.

Once that wonderful smell filled my kitchen, I poured in a can of Hunt's tomatoes with Spicy Red Pepper, and a Savory Garlic flavored Philadelphia Cooking Cream.  The tomatoes I have had on hand for a while, and paid pennies for them.  The cooking cream was an item of choice for me during the recent $5 Kraft Savings Promotion at Shaw's for $1.49.  If I had them, I would have thrown in some chopped peppers and onions.

I also had about a half cup of fresh mozzarella left from a previous recipe, which I diced up and added, stirring until melted.  

You will be shocked to hear what I served this with...FREE Mueller's Pasta, of course!!!

This entire recipe cost me around $4, and fed myself as well as my husband tonight.  Plus, we have enough for another meal, that's $1 each per meal...much better than a $50 dinner out!

This Week's Shaw's Haul...It's All About the Soda!

I have to admit, I made this trip to Shaw's earlier this week, but it's been a crazy week in my house so I am just now getting it posted.  Here we go!

5 Diet Pepsi 12-pack cans, 5/$12
Used 4 $1/1 Diet Pepsi 12-pack cans coupons
Final Price $7, only $1.40 per 12-pack, and $.12 per can!!!

4 Super Chill 2-Liter Sodas $1 each
Used 2 $1/2 Super Chill Soda Coupons
Final Price $2 for all four, only $.50 each

6 Lay's Potato Chips, BOGO at $4.29 each
Used 3 $1/2 Lay's from Pepsi Moments to Save Insert (exp. 5/19)
Final Price $9.87, only $1.65 per bag!

4 Wise Cheez Doodles, BOGO at $3.29 each
Used 2 $.75/2 Wise Snacks Coupons (NLA), doubled
Final Price $3.59 for all four, only $.90 per bag!

2 Kellogg's Krave Cereals $2.50 each
Used 2 $.70/1 Kellogg's Krave Printable Coupons (NLA), doubled
Final Price $2.20, only $1.10 each

8 Aunt Jemima Pancakes, BOGO at $2.99 each
Used 4 $1/2 Aunt Jemima Frozen Products from 5/6 SS
Final Price $7.96, only $1 each!  

2 Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts, BOGO at $5.49 each
Used 2 $1/1 Barber Foods Product Coupons received from the manufacturer.  I sent them an email raving about their products and they sent them...try it!!!
Final Price $3.49 for both, only $1.75 each

Total Retail Value $113.59
I paid $36.11

That's a savings of 68%!!!  Plus, now I have soda to take to work with me so I won't be tempted to buy individual bottles there.  That is an even greater savings for me!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top Ten List...Coupon Style!

Here are just a few lessons I've learned during my time as a couponer.  
Some of them are fairly self-explanatory, others require a bit of explanation.  
If you want to learn more, contact me about hosting a class...or you could be the lucky winner of a free one-on-one shopping trip with me!

As always...happy saving!

10.  $.75 can be more than $1.00

9.  Some highs are completely legal!

8.  Good deals aren't always worth making

7.  We all have a "happy place" when it comes to saving money

6.  People who call us crazy are just jealous!

5.  Even a three year old understands that we don't buy anything without a coupon

4.  Time is money...or saving money

3.  Keep it in check...too much of a good thing is a cliche for a reason

2.  Free is fabulous!

1.  No amount of savings will ever feel as good as making a difference in the life of someone else...share the wealth of the life of a couponer!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walmart, The Land of Freebies, Near-Freebies and Overages!

Walmart has become an every month or so trip for me, usually when there are quite a few freebie and overage coupons available.  The result of waiting is a great haul like this one!

4 Sun Drop 2-Liters $1.25 each
Used 4 $1/1 Sun Drop from the 5/6 SS
Final Price $1 for all four

6 Snack Pack Pudding 4-packs $1 each
Used 2 $1/3 Snack Pack Coupons
Final Price $4 for all 6, only $.17 per cup!

Tony's Pizza $1.98
Used $1/1 Tony's Pizza Coupon (Savings Club Members)
Final Price $.98

4 Red Baron Pizzas, $2.98 each
Used 4 $1/1 Red Baron Pizza Coupons
Final Price $7.92...for four dinners for my man!  Okay, I might eat one of them :-)

Sorrento Stringsters Cheese $3.48
Used $1/1 Sorrento String Cheese from 4/29 SS (this is a regional coupon which I received as a bonus with an order I placed with a clipping service)
Final Price $2.48, plus another coupon for $1/1 inside!

Earthbound Organic Carrots $1.98
Used $.75/1 Earthbound Organic Product (sign up and check out the previous steps)
Final Price $1.23

4 GE CFL Lightbulb 3-packs $2.13 each
Used 4 $2/1 GE CFL Lightbulb
Final Price $.52 for 12 lightbulbs!!!

2 Ruffies Trash Bags $1.62 each
Used 2 $.50/1 Ruffies Trash Bag Coupons
Final Price $2.24 for both

4 Glade Scented Warmer Plug-Ins $1.38 each
Used 4 $1.25/1 Glade Scented Warmer Plug-In Coupons
Final Price $.52 for all 4!

My Total So Far Is $20.89

Now, let's watch that total go down!!!

2 Reach Floss $.97 each
Used 2 $1/1 Reach Floss from the 3/4 RP
Overage of $.06

4 Cutter Citronella Candles $.97 each
Used 4 $1/1 Cutter Product Coupons
Overage of $.12

4 Rayovac AA Battery 4-packs $.97 each
Used 4 $1/1 Rayovac Product Coupons
Overage of $.12

4 Schar Hazelnut Wafers $1.67 each (I found these in the gluten-free section of the Windham store, in the baking aisle)
Used 4 $2/1 Schar Product Printable Coupons (NLA)
Overage of $1.32

Full Retail Value $65.96
I paid $19.27
That's a savings of $71%, all thanks to coupons since there are no store sales involved!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Free Coffee Maker??? Yes Please!

I have seen this deal posted so many times and have successfully resisted every time.  I don't know why, but I just kept saying no.  Well, I have my kids to thank for waking me up nice and early.  As I found myself struggling to function, wishing I had a cup of coffee all ready to go, I saw this deal yet again.  I finally gave in and took advantage of it.  

Here are the details:

Sign up for Gevalia Home Delivery HERE.  

You start by choosing four varieties of coffee and adding them to your cart.  

On the next page, you select your free gift of a coffee maker.  

Then, you see your total for everything is only $9.99, because you are signing up for automatic home delivery.  I chose the every 6-weeks schedule to allow plenty of time to cancel after the initial shipment arrives.  Even your shipping, regularly $5.95, is FREE!

That's right, for only $9.99 you get a coffee maker and four packages of coffee!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dollar Doublers in Action!!!

Tonight's trip was the perfect hybrid of great deals, freebies, and things we needed.  I just love it when things come together like that!  Here's the rundown!

2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juices, 2/$4
2 Ocean Spray Cranberry/Cherry Juices 2/$4
Used 2 Buy One Cranberry Juice Get One Cherry Juice Free
Current promotion for FREE Ocean Spray Sparkling 4-pack WYB 2 Cranberry Juices
Paid $4 for all four juices plus the sparkling juice!

4 Barilla Whole Grain Pastas, $1.29 each
Used 4 $1/1 Barilla Whole Grain Printed Coupons (NLA)
Paid $.29 each, only $1.16 for all four!

Dole Fruit Frozen Cups $2 for 2-pack
Used $.75/1 from the April issue of All You Magazine, doubled
Paid $.50

2 Marie's Salad Dressings $2.99
Used 2 $.65/1 Marie's Salad Dressing Coupons, doubled
Paid $1.69 each
Will receive $1 in my SavingStar Account bringing the total for two down to $2.38
PLUS I earned a $1.50 Catalina!!!

Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter $1.69
Used $.50/1 I received along with a recent coupon clipping service order...not sure where it came from but there are many great options out there!
Paid $.69

4 Gerber Baby Foods, 2 for $.79 each and two for $1.09 each
Used 2 $.75/2 Gerber Baby Foods Catalinas which printed during previous purchases
Since these are Catalinas, they do say Do Not Double, but somehow, one did!
Paid $1.51 for all four

Now for the Dollar Doubler Items!

Sabra Hummus, $2.79
Used $1/1 Sabra Dipping Product
Plus one Dollar Doubler
Paid $.79!
(the mfgr coupon states one per transaction, so I WILL be going back tomorrow!)

4 Special K Crackers, 4/$10
Used 2 $1/2 Peelies 
Plus two Dollar Doublers
Paid $6 for all four, only $1.50 each!

2 Kraft BBQ Sauces, $1 each
Used $1/2 Kraft BBQ Sauce from 5/6 SS
Plus one Dollar Doubler
Both FREE!!!!

Total before coupons and promotions $64.57
Total OOP $17.03
A savings of 74%, plus I earned a $1.50 Catalina!!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dollar Doublers Anyone???

Here are a few great ways to use this week's Dollar Doubler coupons at Shaw's! 

Green Mountain Coffee $6.69
$1/1 Green Mountain from the 4/15/2012 SS 
$4.69 after DD 
Lean Cuisine Dinners 4/$10
$1/4 Lean Cuisine from the 4/29/2012 SS 
$2 each WYB 4 after DD
Birds Eye Voila $3.99
$2.99 each WYB 2 after DD
Edy's Fruit Bars 3/$10
$1/2 Edy's Fruit Bars from the 4/01/2012 SS 
$2.33 each WYB 2 after DD
Tostitos Chips $3.69
$1/2 Tostitos Tortilla Chips from the 4/29/2012 Moments to Save Insert 
$2.69 each WYB 2 after DD
Planters Peanuts $3.69
$1/1 Planters from the 4/22/2012 SS 
$1.69 after DD
Sargento Sliced or Shredded Cheese 2/$5
$1/1 Sargento Natural blend cheese slices from the 4/15/2012 SS 
$.50 after DD!!!!!!
Dole Fruit Bowls 2/$5
$1/2 Dole All Natural Fruit Bowls from the 4/22/2012 SS 
$1.50 each WYB 2 after DD 
Al Fresco All Natural Chicken Sausage $3.99
$1/1 Al Fresco all Natural Chicken Sausage from the 5/06/2012 SS 
$1.99 after DD 
Ken's Dressing 24 oz $2.99
$1/2 Ken's Dressings, 16 oz. from the 5/06/2012 SS 
$1.99 each WYB 2 after DD