Saturday, February 25, 2012

*FREE MILK* and YES, You Can Use it in Maine!!!

I know what you're thinking, "it's illegal to use Milk coupons in Maine".  Well, not in this case!  Here is the language I found right in the law itself:

"A purchaser of milk at retail may tender a coupon or any item of value if the coupon or item of value is not brand specific and is redeemable for cash by the retailer and if the total value tendered by the purchaser is not less than the minimum retail price established by the commission."

Basically, if the coupon is for a specific brand, thus giving that dairy an advantage over others, then it can't be used in Maine.  This coupon is valid on ANY milk, so every dairy has an equal chance that you will use it to purchase their product...SCORE!!!

1 comment:

  1. I disagree. In this case the coupon must meet 3 distinct and separate criteria. The first is must not be brand specific. The second it must be redeemable for cash by retailer.Thirdly the person paying for it cannot pay less than the minimum retail price established by the commission. Therefore if the coupon if for free milk the purchaser would be "tendering" nothing. At least this is how I see it.