Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Kellogg's Deal Worth Posting!!!

Maybe it's the summer weather, maybe it's my new job, but regardless of the reason, I have been MIA for way too long!  This week's Kellogg's deal at Shaw's is so exciting, I just HAD to report back with all of the great products which are included!

Here's the scoop...NONE of the products included in the $1.88 WYB 5 deal are advertised on the shelves!  They are all labeled as 2/$5, then the price drops to $1.88 when the register sees that you have 5.  Very tricky, which I hate, so I couldn't let you all wander the aisles aimlessly looking for signs, because there aren't any!

Here's the deal I scored!

4 Kellogg's Fristed Mini-Wheats With a Touch of Fruit in the Middle
Regularly Priced at $3.79
Sale Price $2.50, reduced to $1.88 WYB 5

1 Kellogg's Fiber Plus Nutty Delights
Regularly Priced at $2.99
Sale Price $2.50, reduced to $1.88 WYB 5

I had coupons for $.70/1 for ALL of these items from, all of which doubled!

I paid $2.40 for everything, a savings of 87%!!!!!!

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