Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coupons Are Mother of Invention...Well, of This Recipe At Least!

I have to say, other than saving a boat-load of cash, trying new foods has to be the best part of being a couponer!  I have shared other recipes in the past including Chicken a la Coupons and my son's favorite weekend breakfast.  Tonight was another night of inspiration!

I started with some al fresco Chicken Sausage, the Roasted Pepper Asiago flavor.  I got this at Shaw's a few weeks ago:

Sale Price $3.99
Used $1/1 al fresco Chicken Sausage from 5/6 SS
This happened to be on sale during the recent Dollar Doubler week, so I used one of those
Final Price $1.99

I sliced the sausage into bite-sized pieces and browned.  I added a little diced garlic, which I have to admit I use in just about every recipe.

Once that wonderful smell filled my kitchen, I poured in a can of Hunt's tomatoes with Spicy Red Pepper, and a Savory Garlic flavored Philadelphia Cooking Cream.  The tomatoes I have had on hand for a while, and paid pennies for them.  The cooking cream was an item of choice for me during the recent $5 Kraft Savings Promotion at Shaw's for $1.49.  If I had them, I would have thrown in some chopped peppers and onions.

I also had about a half cup of fresh mozzarella left from a previous recipe, which I diced up and added, stirring until melted.  

You will be shocked to hear what I served this with...FREE Mueller's Pasta, of course!!!

This entire recipe cost me around $4, and fed myself as well as my husband tonight.  Plus, we have enough for another meal, that's $1 each per meal...much better than a $50 dinner out!

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