Saturday, April 21, 2012

Since CVS Was So Much Fun, My Wonderful Husband Took Me To Shaw's Too!!!

After getting the last three boxes of Milk Bites last night I was pretty sure the Windham store hadn't re-stocked yet, but I still gave it a shot.  No surprise...they were still all out, but we made the most of it!

Save $5 Instantly WYB 5 Participating Kraft Items:

3 Kraft Fresh Takes $2.99 each
Used $1/1 Kraft Fresh Takes received in the mail with my free Fresh Takes coupon received for being a member of Kraft First Taste
Also used 1 $1.50/2 Kraft Products Printable (NLA)
Price after coupons $6.47 for all 3

Kraft Mexican Blend Shredded Cheese $2.99
No coupon on this one, just a very cute husband who asked if he could get it!

Philadelphia Cooking Cream $2.99
Used $1.50/1 Philadelphia Cooking Cream Coupon (Savings Club Members Only)
Price after coupon $1.49

Total $10.95
After $5 Instant Savings Paid $5.95

4 Mueller's Pastas, $1 each
Used 4 $.55/1 Mueller's Pasta Coupons, doubled (sign up to get email link to coupon)
FREE plus $.40 overage

4 Kozy Shack Puddings $1 each
Used 4 $.75/1 Kozy Shack Pudding Coupons from 3/11 SS, doubled
All 4 overage since the coupons only doubled to the full, regular price.

4 HyDrive Energy Drinks, sale price 4/$5
Used 4 $.55/1 HyDrive Energy Drink coupons from the gas station, doubled
Paid $.15 each!

Reusable Bag $.99
Used store coupon for a Free Reusable bag in celebration of Earth Day

Total Retail Value $32.00
Store Preferred Savings $8.71
Coupon savings including doubling $16.80
Total OOP $6.49 including tax and bottle deposits
A savings of 80%!!!!!!


  1. My Mueller coupons say not to double and last time I had them I was surprised they didn't - the cashier informed me that they can't double. Its in fine print at bottom - do you think if i get a cashier who is possibly not familiar with the coupon they might double?? I assume yours are doubling automatically?

    1. Hi Danielle! The bar code starts with a 5 which means it IS programmed to automatically double. The software recognizes the information in the bar code. If you do have a cashier who inspects every coupon for an hour, then I am sure they will reverse the doubling. I have heard several people saying that Shaw's has recently given direction to their stores that cashiers are NOT coupon police. They need to rely on the computer to read the requirements of the coupon. The last two nights I had my FAVORITE cashier in Windham who just scans away, I love her!!!

    2. Thank you, looking forward to giving it another try, got 4 of them so it would be nice!!