Friday, June 8, 2012

You Make Me So...Very Happy!!!

Tonight was the first time in a while I had a full cart consisting of only great deals...I loved it!  In fact, the one detail I forgot to take into consideration was the possibility that my Shaw's would actually be fully stocked on all of the great deals I wanted, and they WERE!!!  I was convinced I wold never get my entire list so I didn't take the time to print a $5 off $50 Recyclebank coupon.  Luckily, my total wasn't quite that high!  Kudos to the Windham store for not only being stocked on Gillette Razors, Kix and Trix but also being well aware of the discrepancy between the list of cereals included in the GM deal and what the computer was recognizing.  

For those of you who didn't see it earlier, this is the list that Darlene posted:

I know the font is super small, but believe me, it does say Kix and Trix are included!  However, there are no signs on the shelf and they are not ringing up for the sale price.  Of course, since the price isn't working correctly, neither is the $5 instant savings WYB 10 items.  Lucky for me, the Windham store management was WELL aware of the glitch.  Someone was in earlier and had this list on their phone, so the price was manually changed.  The manager made the price of each box $2.49, then had to issue a store coupon for the $5 instant savings. 

Now for the rundown, and it's a big one!

I did the GM deal twice with a total of 20 items:

4 Trix at $2.49 each
Used 4 $.60/1 Trix Coupons (need access to two computers), doubled
I also have a coupon for $.50 back loaded on my SavingStar account
Total for 4 $4.66, only $1.17 each

4 Kix at $2.49 each
Used 4 $.75/1 Kix coupons (need access to two computers), doubled
I also have a coupon for $.75 back loaded on my SavingStar account
Total for 4 $3.21, only $.80 each!!!

4 Fruit Snacks at $1.99 each, different varieties (chosen by my four year old, of course) 
I also have a coupon for $.50 back for two loaded on my SavingStar account
Total for 4 $5.06, only $1.26 each

4 Yoplait Light with Granola at $2.49 each
Total for 4 $3.96, only $.49 per cup

2 Yo-Kids Simple Yogurts at $2.49 each
I also have a coupon for $.75 back on two loaded on my SavingStar account
Total for 2 $.83, only $.42 each...that's just insane, it's less than one yogurt!!!

2 Green Giant Valley Steamers at $2.49 each

My total at this point is $22.70
Minus the two $5 Instant Savings WYB 10 items
I paid $12.70 for all 20 items!

6 Packs of Gillette Men's Razors BOGO at $8.25 each
Used 3 BOGO coupons from the 6/3 P&G
All 6 were FREE!  That's a retail value of $49.50 for nada, zip, zilch, nothing!

I have to say, the Shaw's Email Only Store Coupons aren't usually of interest to me, but this week, they were!  I can't believe it, I used two!

Shaw's American Cheese Slices, sale price $2 (usually $3.29)
Used Email Coupon for $1 off
Final Price Only $1!!!

Fresh Express Shreds Lettuce $1.49
Used Email Coupon for $1 off any Fresh Express
Final Price only $.49!!!

The main reason why these coupons aren't usually interesting to me is that they are for products which are not on sale that particular week.  Why would they be?  If the store is reducing the shelf price, then offering a store coupon on top of that for which they're not reimbursed, that's just crazy.  Well, this week was the exception!

1.65 lb of Bananas at $.57/lb,  $.94
My son used his Kid's Club card for a free Banana or Apple
The entire cost of the bunch of bananas was removed so they were all FREE!!!

Lay's Potato Chips BOGO at $4.29 each
Final Price $3.19 for two, only $1.60 each

Shaw's Wheat Bread $2.19
I found a tear pad at Hannaford the other night for $1 off ANY bread WYB 2 Lay's Chips
So...the bread was only $1.19!

4 HyDrive Energy Drinks at $1 each (are you tired of seeing these in every haul of mine???)
Used 4 $.55/1 HyDrive Coupons I found on a tear pad at the Windham Irving a while back
Coupons doubled for FREE drinks plus $.40 of OVERAGE!!! 

2 Johnsonville Sausages, BOGO at $4.99 each
Used $1/1 Johnsonville Sausage Coupon from 4/29 SS
Final Price $3.99 for both

Essential Everyday Cream Cheese $1.99
Used $1/1 Essential Everyday Item from the Sizzlin' Summer Coupon Book (in stores)
Final Price $.99

2 Land O Lakes Eggs 2/$5
Used 2 $.75/1 LOL Eggs Coupons, doubled
Final Price $2, only $1 each!

2 L'Oreal Kids Shampoos at $2.19 each
Final Price $1.38 for both!

Greenhouse Boston Lettuce, in-store special $1.49

Kellogg's Spiderman "Spidey Berry" cereal...I couldn't resist, the kid is just too cute!
$1.99, no coupons, just one very happy little boy!

Milk, total of $6.44...the baby is one now so it's time to try milk!

Total Savings $133.71
I only paid $34.86, a savings of 74% even with the milk, WOO HOO!!!!!!!

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