Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tonight's Treasure Hunting at Shaw's...Check Out My Booty!

Tonight's mission started with instant gratification when I found the LARGE tubs of Athenos Feta reduced at the store level by $3!  Stacked with the $.75/1 Facebook Coupon, I got two for only $2.49 each.  That's the same price as the small tubs would have been!

Next, I spotted another Manager's Special for $1 off Sabra Hummus.  Combined with the sale price of $3.99, I grabbed one of the large containers for only $2.99.

As I strolled through the store, I spotted a Coors Light display with new coupons!  This time, they are sponsoring $2 off any Hormel Deli Tray priced at $15.00 or more OR any deli purchase of $15.  The last two deals I mentioned really came in handy.  I already had deli ham, turkey and cheese in my cart totaling around $10.  When you add in the feta and hummus (considered deli items) this coupon saved me an unexpected extra $2!!!

Last, but certainly not least, overage!!!  I don't eat tuna, but my office is having a food drive next week and it's on the wish list, so that means it's on my list too!  I had four $.50/1 StarKist Pouch coupons, which I expected to use on this week's 2/$3 deal and get them for only $.50.  Then, I found the Lunch To-Go pouches reduced by 50%.  I opted for the Chunk Light option (to the left in the picture) which are regularly priced at $1.79 each.  After the reduction by 50%, and the $.50 coupons which doubled in full, they were all free plus $.42 of overage!!!

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