Friday, December 9, 2011

More Crayola Deals!!!

Oops, I did it again!!!  Here's the skinny...the Crayola BOG2 deal on the Toys R Us website is actually giving you the two HIGHER priced items free!  The first time around I used the 24-pack of crayons as my lowest priced item and got two of the highest priced included in the promotion.  This time, I searched for all Crayola products, narrowed down by "How To Get It" indicating In Store Pick-Up, and found a few things I was interested in.  My least expensive was only $3.99 so with tax my total was $4.19!!!  I grabbed the Wacky Tips Markers pictured here as well as the Twistables Colored Pencils and Classic 8-Pack Washable Markers!!!

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