Saturday, April 7, 2012

CVS Freebie Success!!!

Today's mission was to add to this week's Freebie Challenge success with one more day of CVS deals!  I have been trying all week to find the 5-count Allegra so I could use my $7 coupon to score some for free.  Walmart was cleared out early on Sunday, and every CVS I have tried has been out with no hope of re-stocking by tomorrow, when the coupon expires.  Well, I learned a great lesson about the wonderful people of CVS today; they are VERY customer-centered.  You'll see why...

This week's CVS shopping started with $14.99 of ECB from previous purchases and my quarterly ECB.  I also earned yet another $10 gift card on Swagbucks, making this plan even better!  That's a total of $24.99 to spend!

I made two stops today, not to circumvent any coupon policies, simply due to lack of stock.  The first store we hit up was Westbrook, where I got...

3 Special K Granola Cereals at $2.50 each
Used 1 $1/3 Special K Cereals Coupon
Final Price $6.50
Earned $4 in ECB (unadvertised, but it's been all over the blogs this week)

Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste $2.67
The magic coupon machine gave me a store coupon for $1.50 off Aquafresh Toothpaste
I also lucked out and got the only one with a $1 peelie attached
Final Price after coupon stack, only $.17!!!!!!

Total with tax was $6.78
I used my $2 Quarterly ECB
The balance of $4.78 went on the gift card

I now have $16.99 in ECB and $5.22 left on my gift card, a total of $22.21 remaining out of my $24.99!

Stop number two was in Windham.  The Westbrook store was nice enough to check the Allegra stock at other stores for me and said that Windham had six of the 5-packs available...supposedly...

Complete Contact Lens Solution $8.99
Earned $8.99 in ECB
If you've been following me for a while, you know I do NOT think of this as "free".  I had to buy the product for $8.99 and was lucky enough to receive the full value back to be used on a future order.  

2 CVS "Stomach Relief", regularly priced at $4.69, reduced to $1.19
Paid $2.38 for two!!!

Allegra 12's the story!  
I asked yet again if there were any more of the 5-count available.  The gentleman who helped me was VERY nice.  He checked a few other display areas which were cleared out.  He then checked out back and found none.  I told him that I had been looking for it all week, and that the Westbook store checked their stock which indicated that they had some on hand.  He then offered to adjust the price of the next sized option down to the sale price, so I got the 12-count for $6.49!!!!!!!!!

Total before any coupons $17.86
The magic coupon machine was also kind enough to give me a $5 off $15
My $7 Allegra coupon (adjusted to $6.49) from the 4/1 SS brought my total down to $6.37
I used ECB for $2 and $.99, then put the balance of $4.03 (with tax) on my gift card

Rundown for the day:

Total Retail Value $52.99
Sales and Customer Service Adjustment Reduced to $28.03
After Store and Manufacturer's Coupons $13.04
I used ECB and my Gift Card to pay for everything, and earned another $12.99 in ECB

In the end, I still have $1.19 on my gift card and $22.99 in ECB, a total of $24.18
I only spent $.81 on $52.99 worth of products!!!!!!

I might need to keep this challenge rolling...

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