Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Formula Jackpot!

I have to start by sending out a BIG THANK YOU to Nicole for posting about this hot find today.  She let us all know that the Gorham Hannaford store had tons of reduced baby food and formula.  By the time I got there, all of the food was gone, but they still had plenty of formula.  What's even better?  I didn't take it all!  There's still more there if you're in the area!  

I did try to compare reduced versus full prices at Hannaford but no such luck.  The shelf tags were all gone and even their website shows close out prices.  These are all marked even lower than the web reports!  In an attempt to capture the total savings, I will use the Walgreens in-store prices on their website as the full retail value for each item!

6 Similac Sensitive Ready to Use 
Regularly Priced at $7.99
Reduced to $1.65 each

4 Similac Soy Isomil Ready to Use 
Regularly Priced at $7.99
Reduced to $1.64 each

5 Similac Sensitive Concentrated 
Regularly Priced at $10.99 
Reduced to $2.70 each

That's a Total of $134.85 worth of Similac products for $29.96

I also have Similac rebate checks in $5 increments.  I will be heading back to Hannaford where they will honor these checks since I didn't have them with me.  I will use $25 worth of checks and get all of this formula for $4.96...only $.04 short of using another check!

8 Gerber Soy Powder Formula
Regularly Priced at $15.49 each
Reduced to $3.79

4 Gerber Soy Ready to Use 4-packs
Regularly Priced at $6.49 each
Reduced to $1.75

2 Gerber Gentle Ready to Use 4-packs
Regularly Priced at $6.49 each
Reduced to $1.70

Gerber Gentle Ready to Use 32oz Can
Regularly Priced at $6.99
Reduced to $1.74

B.R.A.T. Organic Chocolate Honey Drink
Regularly Priced at $5.49
Reduced to $1.37

Total Retail Value $310.19
I paid $48.79 (after Similac Rebate Checks)
That's a savings of 84%!!!!!

Now, for the venting.  I wanted to make sure that my Similac rebate checks would be honored if I brought them back with the receipt.  Specifically, I wanted to make sure that the products would ring up with their usual descriptions, not as general grocery or reduced merchandise.  Well, that was the least of my worries.  

Apparently someone else came in earlier in the day trying to do the same thing.  The individual at the service desk was stumped by the "one per purchase" language on the check.  Since the price of each item is less than $5, the customer was purchasing several Similac products, totaling more than the value of the checks, and was told she couldn't do it.  

I will definitely be getting the okay from the store manager in person before even trying to get my money back, because these conversations feel a lot like banging my head against the wall.  I tried to explain the concept of buying one product for $15, and only being able to use one $5 check, not three to make it free.  I said that this is the opposite.  The check states it's good for $5 off any Similac formula purchase.  I am purchasing more than $5 worth of Similac formula, and the number of checks does not exceed the number of items being purchased.  She said that when there isn't a "bookkeeper" to check with, they have to say no.   I even showed her my business card and explained that I am well versed in this topic, thinking it would help.  Not at all, she said if she doesn't know what to do, it's a no, regardless of how much knowledge I may have to offer.

I am sick and tired of Hannaford stores.  I had another issue with the Windham store recently involving the evening manager literally making up fake coupon policies because he didn't like a great deal I was getting.  I had a lengthy conversation with the store manager after that incident, and really don't feel like doing that again.  

A deal is a deal, but sometimes I wish it wasn't so difficult! 

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