Monday, April 16, 2012

Get Rewarded for Printing Coupons!

One of the most important lessons I have learned since embarking on this adventure we call couponing is the importance of consistency and dedication.  So many of the real deals and freebies come from rewards earned and keeping the savings rolling.  

You have all been watching my recent success with my CVS Challenge.  Now, I am seeing how the benefits of enrolling in Staples Rewards can really ad up.  The largest expense for me as a couponer is printer ink.  Not only for printing coupons, but also for creating class documents to spread this wonderful addiction all around Maine.  I hope you're already earning rewards from Swagbucks including 10 bucks every time you redeem a coupon printed from their site.  You can also earn great rewards for buying the ink you used to print those coupons!

Here's how I capitalized on Staples Rewards this weekend:

Earned $10.30 in rewards from past purchases
Received a coupon by mail for $15 off any HP Ink purchase of $75 or more
You can always earn $2 in rewards for every ink cartridge recycled, and every few months there will be a promotion for higher rewards.  Last week was one of those weeks:

My plan was to spend as little over $75 as possible to use my $10.30 in rewards and $15 coupon, while still keeping my total over $50 to qualify for triple recycling.  Well, one trend I have found is the pricing strategy at Staples makes it very difficult to do this, so when a minimum purchase is required for a particular promotion, I tend to go over by more than I would like, but it just means I'm getting that much more of a product I need.

HP 564XL Value Pack with black and all three colored cartridges $49.99
HP 564XL Black Cartridge $22.99
HP 564 Black Cartridge $11.99

Total $84.97
After Coupon and Rewards $59.67 for a savings of 30%

Future Rewards:

I recycled 5 cartridges to earn $30 in recycling rewards
I will also earn 10% back on my entire ink purchase (after coupons and rewards redeemed) for an additional $6 back

In the end, I spent $59.67 and earned $36 back.  This is the product of sticking to a store and being diligent about understanding their rewards program.

A nice surprise at the register was a coupon for $5 off $25!  It's not valid on HP Ink as is usually the case, so I might use it to buy some generic ink.  My evil plan here is that HP will give HUGE rewards for recycling generic cartridges (something like $10 each) WYB their brand in the same transaction.  Stay tuned for that one!

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