Saturday, April 21, 2012

Stockpile Overhaul!!!

Welcome to my home...and my stockpile!  

I am lucky to have an awkward quazi-room in my basement which is perfect for my stockpile!  I have a half-wall on one side which is great for heavier items such as sodas and canned goods.  My shelving is limited to two small plastic units in one corner.  This is a limitation imposed by my husband to keep me in check, and I don't blame him!  

Here we go!!!!!!


The last time I did a full re-org was before Christmas, so this was long overdue!  
Not everything you see here is actually part of my stockpile.  
This room is used for other storage needs as well.

My shelves after!!!

Here's the half wall...complete with curtains under the products to protect the paint!

Okay, maybe you're right Hun, we might not need any more toothpaste...

Does anyone know what this space is waiting for???  Now, you may be thinking, "I see 20 or so bottles of dressing there, why does she need more?"  Well, we are entering pasta salad and grilled chicken season.  The bottles of Ken's are quite small, so I will use two for marinades every time I make chicken, and three or four for every batch of pasta salad!

One of the tips I give in my classes is making sure you purge regularly to avoid 
letting food go beyond the expiration date.

A super easy way to make sure you do this is by clearly labeling the expiration date 
on dry goods which tend to expire within a few months of purchase.  
I also label my cereal boxes since they may take longer to go through, at least in my house.

Maybe the best part of the process is my donation boxes!!!  All ready to go!!!

You may have noticed a few notable deals don't seem to be in my stockpile.  I also have several other storage areas elsewhere in my house.  Diapers are in the baby's room, pasta is in the kitchen, and spices are in the pantry, just to name a few.  Anyone else rushing off right now to organize???

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