Monday, January 2, 2012

New Printed Coupon Barcodes...One of These Things is Not Like the Other!

While we were all ringing in the New Year, it seems as though many coupon servers were ringing in new barcodes!  Newer is better, right?  Well, not so much...since these new coupons won't scan at Shaw's...EEK!

The coupon on bottom shows the traditional square barcode in the lower left hand corner.  Apparently, this is the only barcode that the Shaw's registers pick up.  The top coupon was just printed yesterday, and the square barcode is mysteriously missing!  Without this, the coupon will not scan.  Since it is common practice for some less honest couponers to create fraudulent printed coupons, if it doesn't scan, it doesn't pass.

To Dan and the rest of the wonderful customer service team at Shaw's...PLEASE make your cashiers and managers aware of this error.  Do not hold this against us honest couponers, and allow manual entry until your systems are up to speed!

Thank you!!!

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