Sunday, January 8, 2012

Walmart Woes...I think they need a coupon lesson more than anyone

Here is a copy of the online submission I just made to Walmart about my experience at the Windham store today.  I wasn't sure that I needed to do this, until I saw another person had the same problem at the same store today!  Thanks Marissa for pushing me to do the right thing!

"I shop the Windham, Maine Walmart weekly, and am also an avid coupon user.  I have NEVER completed a transaction involving coupons without needing to educate both the cashier and the MANAGER on how coupons work.  Today, I was more frustrated than ever.  I was using a legitimate newspaper coupon for $1 off ANY Vicks product.  I chose Puffs tissues with Vicks, making them a Vicks product.  Since this is also a Puffs product, the coupons always have to be entered manually.  This prompted the cashier (an older gentleman, very nice) to call the CSM.  A younger lady came over, she had long brown hair, sorry I don't have a name, but the rest of my story will tell you why.
I had four of these coupons, and I pulled out a box of tissues to show her that I in fact had purchased a Vicks product.  She did say yes, you did, but it was all downhill from there.  As she held my four coupons, she stated that I could only use one per purchase.  I informed her that there were actually four boxes of tissues in the bag (figuring that's what she meant since I only showed her one).  That was not the case, she said "no, one per purchase means one for your whole transaction".  
This is so wrong, and I can't believe your MANAGER doesn't understand coupon language.  One per purchase means that I can't use more than one coupon on the number of items required in the coupon.  The actual coupon I was using even says "limit 4 like coupons per transaction", further confirming that she was mistaken.  I said, I am purchasing four boxes, so I can use four coupons.  She practically threw the coupons back at the cashier, and said "fine, just do it, put in one, zero, zero, hit enter and it will go through" and stomped away.  This is why I don't have her name!
What's even better?  The very sweet, congenial older gentleman cashing me out had no idea what she was talking about.  Don't you think she knew that the cashier didn't know the technology of manually entering coupons very well?  Wouldn't it have been better for her to stay and make sure he understood her shrewd instructions?  No, instead, I stood there explaining to him how to do it (I've never been a cashier, but I understood her instructions better than he did) while people lined up behind me for five minutes!
Your staff needs a serious coupon lesson, and coming from a pro, I would be happy to give them one!"

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  1. I had a problem just like this at Walmart. What is really bad is that I have been a cashier at Walmart!!! I had two separate coupons for two separate items. $1 off each if I bought a like item. They would only let me use one. They do not even bother training the cashiers anymore and it takes so long to even get a CSM to come over that most people just tell them to forget about it and lose out on the savings.

    You need to help me find usable coupons for here in NC!!!

    Keep up the good work!