Sunday, March 4, 2012

Couponing at Hannaford is Never Easy...But it Was Worth it This Time!!!

Tonight I was on a mission...two more $.10 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Lights and $1.99 diapers.  In the end, I got what I went for (the butters aren't in the pic because I gave them to my Mom), but I was reminded yet again that Hannaford is not a coupon-friendly place.  

I understand that their coupon software isn't up to date and doesn't recognize the new barcodes, but why is that MY problem?  If you have to manually enter coupons, and your system is programmed to reject coupons just because they're being entered manually, you need to have an override feature.  Instead, the cashier tried to tell me the second ICBINB coupon wasn't going through because it said "one per purchase" and there was already one in there.  REALLY???  

She was manually entering the coupon, so how would that be possible?  If it's manually entered, the specific product is unknown to the computer, so how is that possible???  The shift leader came over and tried to tell me the same thing.  I told her I can appreciate that she is looking for some sort of explanation, but that wasn't it.  

Okay, rant over, now for the steal of the week!!!!  These are the Huggies Slip-On diapers I mentioned earlier on Facebook reduced to $4.99.  I also had $3 off one manufacturer's coupons (no longer available) which were PDF coupons so I was able to print as many as I wanted.  I used five a few weeks ago to get what I thought was a great deal at Walgreens.  I used the five I had left to score these for $1.99 each!!!!!!

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