Monday, March 19, 2012

Hannaford Challenge: Day 1

Today was the first day of my three-day Hannaford Challenge.  Here's how I did!

Got Beef?  Well I do now, at least I did, and it was yummy!  I got to Hannaford twice today (I know, pathetic, but I had to go to work!) and this was my first trip, in Gorham.  I found this package of ground beef reduced to $2.42.  After using my $2 Hannaford Coupon this would be only $.42.  Notice I said would be.  Well, the cashier scanned the $1 coupon, then the $2 one wouldn't go through.  I said "more coupons than items I guess".  He agreed, and I suggested that he use the "It's on us" option which, I will admit, they've had to do for me before.  Instead of assigning the value of the coupon, he made the entire order FREE.  That's right, free beef!!!

Trip number two was tonight in Windham. 

Just moments before heading out, I saw another blog post about this great Free Idaho Spuds Coupon.  I printed four, two from each computer and headed out.  Since Shaw's doesn't accept internet coupons for free products, I knew I would need to use it at Hannaford or Walmart.  Tonight seemed like as good a time as any!

I grabbed four boxes and headed for the baby food.  I decided to get more than usual tonight.  Rather than four jars for $.01 each, I used a $1 off 10 Beech Nut Baby Foods coupon on ten of the $.41 reduced jars.  After the $2 store coupon, my total was $1.10!

The full retail value of today's trips was $16.28 and I only paid $1.10, a savings of 93%!!!

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