Sunday, March 4, 2012

Very Tricky Planter's Peanut Butter Coupon...It's Masquerading as a Target Coupon!

One of the many topics of conversation at the class I have this past Friday was how to get the ever-rising price of Peanut Butter down to a reasonable level.  Here's your chance ladies!  I know it seems strange, but about 10% of the printable coupons on the Target website are actually manufacturer's coupons.  You don't know until you print them, and some times it's a bummer to find out there in fact is not a stack-ortunity.  In other cases, it's a happy surprise like this one!  

Head over to the Target Coupon Page, sort by grocery, and print the $1 off any Planter's Peanut Butter coupon.  It's actually a manufacturer's coupon you can take over to Shaw's this week to get them for only $1.99 a jar!!!

Thanks I Love to Gossip for the heads up!!!

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