Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hannaford Challenge: Day 2

Today I called in back-up to make the most of the drive home...hubby helped!  

We stopped at the Westbrook Hannaford on our way to pick up the kids, each with one transaction.  Then, we headed to the Gorham store with the boys in tow and completed two more transactions.  

Here are the details:

Me #1: 

Ten jars of BeechNut Baby Food at $.55 each (I splurged and got the veggies instead of the reduced flavors)
Used 1 $1 off 10 Beech Nut Baby Foods Coupon
and 1 $2 Hannaford Coupon
Paid $2.50, an average of $.25 per jar!

Hubby #1:

BeechNut Rice Cereal $2.19
Used $2 Hannaford Coupon
Paid $.19

Me #2:

My essentials Shredded Cheese $2.69
Used $2 Hannaford Coupon
Paid $.69

Hubby #2:

2.02 Pounds of Bananas at $.57 per pound, $1.15
Baby Carrots $1.69
Used $2 Hannaford Coupon
Paid $.84

Total Retail Value of all items purchased $13.22
Total Paid $4.22, a savings of 68%

Normally I would head out for one more trip, but I have had a sore throat all day which somehow has me glued to the couch.  Funny how that happens...I need to rest up for day three tomorrow!


  1. great job! I hit Cornish, Standish, Gorham, and Westbrook, then on my way back stopped at all of them again! haha sometimes it pays to live in the boonies! I got candy for two easter baskets for $2.87!!!!Thanks for sharing all your tips and tricks :)

    1. That's a great use of these coupons, I love it! I am taking two days off next week, I see myself doing something very similar on Monday!!!