Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seriously? For Real? This Has to be a Joke...It's Not, It's Just an Amazing Deal!!!

First of all, photo credit goes to my almost four year old son.  He helps me set up my shopping items and always asks to take the picture.  Of course, I help, but he is getting pretty good at it!

Now, on to the deal of the century!  I decided to hit up a different Shaw's location on the last day of the Kraft Catalina deal since Windham doesn't carry the Kraft Slices With a Touch of Philly.  Well, neither does Scarborough, but they did have these cans of Gerber Good Start Soy Formula in the reduced section.  There were two large cans for $2 each and eleven small cans for $1.25 each.  The total was only $17.75...but wait!  

I had $17.00 in Gerber checks.  I have mentioned these before; the consumer uses them like a coupon and cannot have more checks than items.  They come in the mail, but somehow not to me.  I have a friend at work whose teenage daughter gets them for some strange reason, so she gives them to me.  Thank you Tammy for feeding the baby for the next week!!!

I'm sure you already did the math, and yes you are correct, I got all of this formula for only $.75!!!!!!!!  I am one happy Mama!

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